Kennedy House Youth Centre Treatment

Making change stick requires effective treatment while in care. Even though residents have committed an offence prior to the age of eighteen, their lives can change and they can be productive and community-minded young people.

Our overriding intent is to see young people work through their emotional, behavioural and learning issues with reflective review of their condition and the causes that contributed to it. To see them develop new skills and communication strategies, through a respectful program and environment that reinforces personal boundaries by consistent routine and expectations.

At Kennedy House, we believe that each person is special and unique and that they desire to do well and succeed. We do the best we can with the resources available to us, but that change can be difficult and needs arise in change. Behaviour is a symptom and while all behaviour has a purpose based on emotions, our emotions are not to be judged.

Safety and structure are the foundations for solid program development, encompassing daily resident groups, family & individual counseling, life skills instruction, adaptive skills, incentive and recreational programming.

We work to promote societal reintegration and individual rehabilitation by providing treatment that is delivered by our highly qualified staff and on-site educators and may include:

  • Anger management;
  • Gender specific topics;
  • Family therapy;
  • Cognitive behavioral programming in victim awareness, problem solving, conflict resolution & communications;
  • Substance use/abuse training;
  • Therapeutic recreation;
  • Healthy sexuality;
  • Psychiatric and psychological counselling;
  • Wellness and health services;
  • Media and social awareness;
  • Transition & discharge planning; and
  • Relapse prevention.

Academic advancement is also an important part of the change process for many residents. Teachers from the community offer credit classes in science, geography, computer & software skills, mathematics & English.