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At the Kennedy House Youth Shelter we are proud to offer enhanced programming to help young adults secure employment, permanent housing, finish school as well as gain life skills and learn a healthy lifestyle to sustain them for the future. We need your help to support the following programs aimed at making a difference in the lives of the homeless youth who arrive at our shelter.

We offer many programs, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Financial Literacy Courses
  • Cooking classes
  • Employment skills, resume building and interview skills in our Hire UP program
  • Art classes
  • Meditation and Yoga classes
  • House Hunting Program
  • Food and Nutrition Program
  • Community Garden Program
  • Substance Abuse and Harm Reduction Program
  • Community Clean-up
  • Sex Education Classes
  • Health and Fitness Program​

Natalee’s Story: Hope for the Future

​Natalee’s childhood was not an easy one. She was raised in Florida by a mother who had untreated bi-polar disorder. There were lots of ups and downs for their family and things were always very hectic. At age 15, she came to Toronto with her older sister, but unfortunately her sister began to suffer from mental illness as well, making their home life unstable and unsafe. [MORE…]

Andres Finds a Safe Place

“Kennedy House has become like family to me.” When Andrés was nineteen years old, he left his home in Venezuela to come to Canada. The situation in his country was extremely unsettled and he arrived in Toronto in search of new opportunities. For the first six months, he focused on learning English and studied at an English school as a student, and then worked as a volunteer. He wanted to attend college next, but unfortunately … [MORE…]

Lauren Got the Help She Needed

When Lauren arrived at our shelter, her mental health was fragile. Like many of the youth we help, she was dealing with several unique problems that needed to be addressed. She was a cutter and was also suicidal. She had tried to set herself on fire two different times, and had also swallowed glass and cut her wrist open. [MORE…]