Our Mission

Kennedy House Mission Statement

Kennedy House works with youth to enable them to grow as individuals to contribute as members of the community. This is achieved in our residential and community based programs by providing customized support and building trusting relationships.

Founded by by Ed Blazo and Doug Chin in 1971, Kennedy House was established with the hopes of creating an alternative approach to the typical and impersonal institutionalized care for high-risk youth in the community. Instead, our model focused on small, family-like residences or group homes. Stemming from this basic core foundation, Kennedy House has since expanded on the importance of an individualized, therapeutic, relationship-building model of care for children & youth within the Greater Toronto Area.

Since inception, Kennedy House has spent almost 50 years evolving from a small, community-based agency to a thriving and dynamic organization with multiple avenues of programs that continue to serve youth within our growing and ever changing community.

If you have any questions about our Strategic Plan, please get in touch with us at info@kennedyhouse.org or (416) 299-3157.