Youth Shelter

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The Kennedy House Youth Shelter is a 40-bed facility located in East York, Toronto that offers emergency and supportive care to youth experiencing homelessness. Our shelter is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and provides for the immediate needs of youth 16-24 by providing emergency shelter, basic necessities and crisis intervention.

We address the many issues and causes of homelessness & precarious housing by offering programming that helps youth stay healthy as well as access jobs, permanent housing, clothing and other supplies that will assist them as they transition to a successful future.

Intakes are received through walk-ins, community referrals, or the Central Intake Referral Process with the City of Toronto.  Upon intake each youth receives toiletries, a fresh pair of clothes, a hot shower and a fresh meal.

If you are in need of a shelter bed, please call (416) 421-7776.