Employment Opportunities

dynamic teams • growth • advancement • comprehensive benefits

Do you have a heart for youth? Would you like to explore a field placement or paid work opportunity in this field?

Kennedy House Youth Services Inc. has a long-standing policy of seeking out and hiring the brightest talent. We fully understand that the quality of the service we provide our residents and referring agencies depends upon having the right team – trained, motivated, and properly compensated. Do you belong on one of our teams? We are proud to offer excellent compensation, a comprehensive benefits package, flexible working hours, ongoing training and the opportunity to significantly contribute to a variety of Kennedy House programs, both residential and non-residential.

Our Human Resources team supports staff and our organizational goals by striving for excellence in each of the following areas:

Recruitment and selection – refined recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes, good hires, and retention of satisfied team members. Kennedy House employs behaviour-based interviews, training and experience evaluations, specific ability testing, biographical data, and motivational fit inventories to screen, select, and assess candidates of choice. 

  • Orientation – from the warm first welcome to a detailed introduction for all new hires, the fundamentals     of  Kennedy Houses’ culture, values, vision, policies, standards and structure are explained. We place a deliberate emphasis on thorough, job-specific orientation, our overriding service ideals, and collaborative team approach. Workplace security, safety and emergency procedures are covered, along with resources available, and reporting accountabilities.
  • Training and development – by offering and encouraging ongoing training and development, our team members keep current and continue to grow in their professional capacities. Kennedy House regards employee development as an investment – one that reaps a vital bottom line impact and return in employee satisfaction, supportive environments, and increased productivity.
  • Competency identification and evaluation – we are, studies prove, most satisfied when doing a job that is best suited to our talents, training and interests. Kennedy House works with team members to make the most of their contributions by assessing strengths and areas for future development, identifying skill gaps, and creating targeted training plans.
  • Performance management – Kennedy House Youth Services Inc. has developed and employed a system to establish clear measurable goals, ongoing communication and feedback streams, which identify, reward, manage and promote staff, and structure career planning paths for optimal growth and service levels.
  • Policies and procedures management – everyone works best when policies and procedures for doing the job are clearly laid out. Kennedy House Youth Services Inc. regularly updates team members on any new or revised procedures that affect them. Employee handbooks are provided at each site for ongoing reference.
  • Competitive benefits packages – Kennedy House Youth Services Inc. is proud to offer an attractive compensation and benefits package to all full time permanent staff. Competitive, internally equitable wages, medical, dental and, life insurance, and a retirement savings plan are all included.

We aim to be the employer of choice in the youth services sector in Southern Ontario.

Full time, part time & contract employment opportunities

Kennedy House currently employs a staff of about 120. The largest group is comprised of full-time youth workers, who work front-line in our various programs. Kennedy House offers opportunities for growth, learning and advancement; many of our current managers began their careers as front-line youth workers. Front-line child and youth work positions require a relevant community college diploma or university undergraduate degree with related experience, a valid driver’s licence, and a heart for youth.